Tractor and Trailer Training Courses

Tractor c/w Single Pivot TrailerDetails
Tractor c/w Double Pivot TrailerDetails

COMPETENCY SAFETY NOTICE: The HSE lay down the rules for employers to follow in their decision processes when choosing a training provider. No one training body is favoured so it is always an employer’s responsibility to choose the correct training for the equipment to be used. Follow this link for a simple competency Q&A. Click Here

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: CPCS licence holders may need additional training to tow a trailer. The CPCS  ‘competancy’ card (A33) Agricultural Tractor ticket does not cover the candidate to safely use a trailer, only to operate the tractor. Check with your training provider as to exactly what your course covered before operating any equipment. For more information on this subject please call our office for further details.

Under PUWER (Reg. 9 Training), you should:

  • ensure that self-propelled work equipment, including any attachments or towed equipment, is only driven by workers who have received appropriate training in the safe driving of such work equipment“. For a copy of the PUWER regulations, Click Here.

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