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1,000kg to 25,000kg Forklift Hire:

To complement our other equipment we also offer a wide selection of small counterbalance to larger heavy duty forklift trucks. These machines can be adapted to work in a variety of environments with a multitude of different attachments. Choices of fork attachments include, tine extensions, hook attachments and boom extensions.

Counterbalance Forklifts with Spark Arrestors and Chalwyn Valves:

The forklifts are fitted with ATEX approved spark arrestors and Chalwyn valves, both of which conform to the current legislation and are supplied with supporting documentation.

Counterbalance Forklift and Driver Hire:

Our forklift drivers are exceptionally well trained. They can adapt quickly to different site requirements which helps ensure safety is always a priority. The forklift drivers we provide are all multi-skilled and will therefore be able to operate other site equipment or just generally ‘muck in’ when there is little for them to do.

As with other plant, maintenance is included and our rates are based on a weekly hire structure only, we don’t have any complex monthly or yearly contracts to worry about; if you’ve finished with it, simply off hire it. This gives the customer much greater flexibility and allows equipment to be off-hired when it suits.

A selection of fork attachments are also available, for details: Click here

Need Counterbalance forklift training? Click here

Counterbalance Forklift Hire

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