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Counterbalance Forklift and Telehandler Training Courses

Course Title Details
B1 Counterbalance Forklift (up to 5000kg) Details
B2 Counterbalance Forklift (5001kg to 15000kg) Details
B3 Counterbalance Forklift (15001kg and above) Details
J2 Telehandler  (up to 9m) **with site trailer
J3 Telehandler (over 9m) **with site trailer
J1 Rough Terrain Forklift **with site trailer Details
C1 Side Loader (up to 5000kg) Details
D1 Reach Truck Details

**An additional 1 day’s training would be required for single pivot trailer and 2 days for the double pivot trailer.

COMPETENCY SAFETY NOTICE: The HSE in the UK stipulate the rules for employers to follow when choosing a training provider. No one training body is favoured above another so it is always an employer’s responsibility to choose the correct training for the equipment to be used. Please bear in mind that a trailer is classed as a separate item of equipment to the tractor towing it. Follow this link for a simple HSE competency Q&A. Click Here

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: CPCS licence holders WILL need additional training to tow a trailer. A CPCS forklift or telehandler licence does not allow for the driver to tow a trailer. ALWAYS check with your training provider as to exactly what your course covered before operating any equipment.

To comply with PUWER (Reg. 9 Training), you should: “ensure that self-propelled work equipment, including any attachments or towed equipment, is only driven by workers who have received appropriate training in the safe driving of such work equipment“. For a copy of the PUWER regulations, Click Here.

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