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Rough Terrain Forklift Hire:

Our rough terrain forklifts range from 2,600kgs to 7,000kgs. Choices of fork attachments include, tyne extensions, hook attachments and boom extensions.

Rough Terrain Forklifts with Spark Arrestors and Chalwyn Valves:

All of our forklifts are fitted with ATEX approved spark arrestors and Chalwyn valves, both of which conform to the current legislation and are supplied with supporting documentation.

Rough Terrain Forklift and Driver Hire:

Our forklift drivers are exceptionally well trained. They can adapt quickly to different site requirements which helps ensure safety is always a priority. The forklift drivers we provide are all multi-skilled and will therefore be able to operate other site equipment or just generally ‘muck in’ when there is little for them to do. If trailer towing is part of the job, then our drivers have the additional training required by law to tow a trailer.

A selection of fork attachments are also available, for details: Click here

**Need Rough Terrain Forklift training? Click here

**REMEMBER: to tow a trailer safely, the driver must have additional training over and above that of the forklift.

Rough Terrain Forklift Towing a Trailer:

We have set up selection of our Manitou rough terrain forklifts with hydraulic trailer hitches and hydraulic trailer braking systems. These can be used for towing scaffolding trailers of up to a SWL of 10,000kgs and are very effective when used on tight sites and confined spaces where tractors are not suitable.

IMPORTANT: for the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ around towing a trailer with a forklift please follow this link.

Driving a rough terrain forklift and trailer on the road?: If a trailer is to be towed on the public highway and you aren’t connected to agricultural or forestry operations, here are the rules that you MUST follow in order to be road legal:

  1. You MUST be on white diesel (No exceptions).
  2. The forklift MUST be constructed to not exceed 40kph (25mph). Above 40kph requires an MOT.
  3. Max. CGVW MUST NOT exceed 31,000kgs (forklift, trailer, dolly and load).
  4. Accumulative braking on at least half of the trailer axles (Section 16 of the Construction and Use Regulations).
  5. Full road lighting (if used at night only).
  6. Flashing orange beacon (if used on a duel carriageway only).
  7. The driver MUST hold a category C+E driving licence (HGV).
  8. ‘Agricultural Tractor’ taxation class.

Do you have any questions for us? We’d be happy to help.

Talk to us about what equipment you need, conditions you’ll be working in and your drivers’ training.

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