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Flatbed Site Trailer Hire: 19ft(6m) – 60ft(18m)

These site trailers are the workhorse of the fleet. They are ideal for big sites where large amounts of heavy material such as steel or pipe have to be moved, or small sites where they can used as mobile storage where space is a premium. The ‘wheel in each corner’ layout makes them incredibly stable on uneven ground. The capacity range for these trailers is 10,000kg up to 30,000kg.

Site Trailer Selection and Trailer Safety:

  • Check the towing vehicle’s “Gross Vehicle Weight” capacity before selecting a trailer. It will be on a plate in the cab. This is the maximum combined weight of the trailer, load and towing vehicle and must never be exceeded.
  • Check that the braking systems are compatible between the towing vehicle and the trailer.
  • Additional training WILL be required if you only have a licence for the towing vehicle.
  • CPCS (A33) cards may not cover the towing of a trailer at all. Check with your training provider or call our office for more information.

Towing a trailer on the road?: If a trailer is to be towed on the public highway and you aren’t connected to agricultural or forestry operations, here are the rules that you MUST follow in order to be road legal:

  1. The towing vehicle MUST be on white diesel (No exceptions).
  2. The towing vehicle MUST be constructed to not exceed 40kph (25mph). Above 40kph requires an MOT.
  3. Max. CGVW MUST NOT exceed 31,000kgs (towing vehicle, trailer, dolly and load).
  4. Accumulative braking on at least half of the trailer axles (Section 16 of the Construction and Use Regulations).
  5. Full road lighting (if used at night only).
  6. Flashing orange beacon on towing vehicle (if used on a duel carriageway only).
  7. The driver MUST hold a category C+E driving licence (HGV).
  8. ‘Agricultural Tractor’ taxation class for towing vehicle.

Do you have any questions for us? We’d be happy to help.

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