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Low Level and Mafi Trailer Hire:

We have available a variety of Mafi trailers. Due to their low decks they are extremely easy and safe to work with. Their low bed height (from 600mm) and sturdy construction makes them incredibly versatile. Here are some examples of the type of work for which they can be used:

  • Heat exchanger trailer: tube cleaning during refinery shutdowns
  • Bundle trailer: pulling bundles and their safe movement around site
  • Turbine lid trailer: removal and storage during power station outages
  • Turbine rotor trailer: removal and storage during power station outages
  • Shot blasting trailer: used as mobile platforms in on site shot blasting tents

Site Trailer Selection and Trailer Safety:

  • Check the towing vehicle’s “Gross Vehicle Weight” capacity before selecting a trailer. It will be on a plate in the cab. This is the maximum combined weight of the trailer, load and towing vehicle and must never be exceeded.
  • Check that the braking systems are compatible between the towing vehicle and the trailer.
  • Check what licence you will need to tow the particular type of trailer you have chosen. If the trailer is a “double pivot” type (with a dolly) then a different licence is required to a “single pivot” imposed load type. Double pivot is NOT covered by most training providers so please check before operating the equipment.

Towing a trailer on the road?: If a trailer is to be towed on the public highway and you aren’t connected to agricultural or forestry operations, here are the rules that you MUST follow in order to be road legal:

  1. The towing vehicle MUST be on white diesel (No exceptions).
  2. The towing vehicle MUST be constructed to not exceed 40kph (25mph). Above 40kph requires an MOT.
  3. Max. CGVW MUST NOT exceed 31,000kgs (towing vehicle, trailer, dolly and load).
  4. Accumulative braking on at least half of the trailer axles (Section 16 of the Construction and Use Regulations).
  5. Full road lighting (if used at night only).
  6. Flashing orange beacon on towing vehicle (if used on a duel carriageway only).
  7. The driver MUST hold a category C+E driving licence (HGV).
  8. ‘Agricultural Tractor’ taxation class for towing vehicle.

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