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Skyhook 16.6 Tractor Mounted Crane Hire

The Skyhook 16.6 tractor mounted crane has a reputation for giving a valuable, reliable and high quality service through their ability to perform a multitude of difficult tasks. It is aimed towards trailer towing and loading duties. The operator can easily load and unload a trailer without uncoupling the draw bar or even leaving the safety of the cab. This ability make our machines extremely versatile; a crane cannot tow a trailer and a telehandler must have room to manoeuvre. By reducing the machine and manpower requirements for an operation, the cost savings become apparent.

These features reduce the dependence on expensive cranes and goods vehicles. Skyhooks can perform delicate operations safely and effectively and can be used in confined spaces and hazardous areas.

Skyhook 16.6 Spark Arrestors and Chalwyn Valves:

The Skyhook 16.6 machines are fitted with ATEX approved spark arrestors and Chalwyn valves, both of which conform to the current legislation and are supplied with supporting documentation.

 Skyhook16-6 brochure (.pdf)

Skyhook 16.6 Driver Hire:

Our Skyhook drivers are exceptionally well trained. They can adapt quickly to different site requirements which helps ensure safety is always a priority. The Skyhook drivers we provide are all multi-skilled and will therefore be able to operate other site equipment or just generally ‘muck in’ when there is little for them to do.

The Skyhook® 16.6 range also has trailer braking systems fitted as standard, which can be hydraulic or air depending on site requirements, enabling it to be compatible with customers’ own trailers. For example; it can be coupled to a delivery of steel or pipe on a HGV trailer that can then be taken safely onto site, minimising the amount of vehicles needed and therefore increasing safety and overall turn-around time.

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