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Skyhook 3.3 Mini Crane Hire

The Skyhook 3.3 compact crane is generally a very versatile machine. It can be used ‘up-rated’ on its’ stabilisers like an ordinary lorry loader where it can be worked to 100% capacity, or it can be used ‘de-rated at 33% capacity’ (when the stabilisers are up) as a 1,000kg pick and carry crane. These functions make the Skyhook a valuable machine to have on site and a real money saver for the user.

These features reduce the dependence on expensive cranes and goods vehicles. The Skyhook 3.3 can perform delicate operations safely and effectively and can be used in confined spaces and hazardous areas.

Skyhook with Spark Arrestors and Chalwyn Valves:

The forklifts are fitted with ATEX approved spark arrestors and Chalwyn valves, both of which conform to the current legislation and are supplied with supporting documentation.

Skyhook Driver Hire:

Our Skyhook 3.3 drivers are exceptionally well trained. They can adapt quickly to different site requirements which helps ensure safety is always a priority. The Skyhook drivers we provide are all multi-skilled and will therefore be able to operate other site equipment or just generally ‘muck in’ when there is little for them to do.

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Skyhook3.3 brochure (.pdf)

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